Market Tech represents a number of leading manufacturers of Photonics products including... 


Admesy offers a broad range of test and measurement instruments focused on light and color measurement for research and production process applications. 

Advanced Laser Diode Systems

ALS designs, develops and manufactures ultra fast picosecond laser diode systems, ultra fast photo detectors and high power laser diode systems for research, biotechnology and telecommunications markets.

Bentham Instruments

Bentham is a well established leader in the design and manufacture of light measurement instrumentation. Based in Reading, UK, Bentham provides both complete systems as well as modular components for the characterisation of light sources, detectors, materials and in vivo applications.

The Ealing Catalog

The Ealing Catalog has been providing photonics tools for over 50 years. The company designs and manufactures opto-mechanical mounts and positioners for scientific, OEM and industrial applications.


Eldim manufactures 2D photometers & colorimeters and Inspection systems for LCD, FED, LED's, Plasma, CRT, micro displays, instrument clusters and lighted panels.

InnoLas Photonics

InnoLas Photonics designs and manufactures industrial lasers for high precision mico machining applications like PV, Electronic manufacturing and laser marking, soldering, and plastics welding. 


nLIGHT is a vertically integrated supplier of high performance lasers. nLIGHT develops and manufactures direct diodes and lasers based on industry-leading semiconductor laser and optical fiber technology. 


Messtec Power Converter (MPC) develops and manufactures drivers for laser applications. The company offers complete solutions including power supply, cooler, control and driver electronics

Omicron Laserage

Omicron has been developing, designing and producing innovative laser systems since 1989. Since then its highly-qualified team has specialized in the development of solutions for medicine, research, biotechnology, digital imaging and optical data storage, as well as quality assurance and metrology. Products include high power laser diode and LED systems with high speed modulation capability.


Oxide is a leading manufacturer of Deep UV lasers, single crystals, QPM devices and wavelength convertors. Products include the only high-power CW 266nm laser available with powers up to 2 Watts.

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics design, develops and manufactures unique measurement solutions that help improve the performance of femtosecond laser applications. 

Teem Photonics™  

Teem Photonics™ is a well recognized leading supplier of high reliability, long lifetime compact sub-nanosecond lasers for OEM customers. With pulse durations as low as 200 ps and wavelengths ranging from 1535 nm to 213 nm, Teem products are also well suited for scientific applications.

TEM Messtechnik

TEM is based in Hanover Germany. The company specializes in design and manufacture of laser control electronics and systems including laser alignment and stabilization systems.


Xiton Photonics GmbH produces laser systems for applications in industry and science. The systems are diode pumped solid state lasers featuring high pulse energies and frequency conversion to unique wavelengths.