Deep UV Lasers

Deep UV Laser

Xiton Pulsed Deep UV Lasers

Xiton has developed a range of pulsed DPSS Lasers that operate in the Deep UV at 193nm, 213 nm and 224 nm and 266 nm.

The IXION-193 SLM is a single frequency all-solid-state laser system for applications such as optical metrology, calibration of 193 nm stepper optics or bandwith control of high power ArF excimer lasers. The spectral bandwidth is near its theoretical Fourier limit.

The center wavelength of the system can be chosen at time of order between 190 and 194 nm with an accuracy of 0.01 nm.


  • 193 nm metrology
  • Spectrometer calibration
  • Interferometry
  • Injection seeding of Excimer lasers 

193 nm Datasheet

The Xiton Impress is available at either 213 nm or 224 nm.

Xiton Impress 213nm, 100mW

Xiton Impress 224nm, 300mW

CW 266 nm Laser

CW UV Lasers

Oxide CW UV DPSS Lasers

Oxide CW UV DPSS lasers are compact CW OEM laser modules offered at 266nm. The Frequad series of lasers offers a true cw source of UV laser light providing up to 2 Watts average power at 266nm.