Laser Diode Modules

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Omicron integrated diode laser modules of the series are available at 23 different wavelengths between 375nm and 830nm. All models have a superb beam quality.

The lasers include the complete power supply and thermoelectric cooling as well as an option to meet special beam shape characteristics. The products are rugged, compact and suitable for all plug-in system solutions.

Below is a listing of the different models offered.

LuxX/PhoxX laser diode modules are cost effective compact modules with excellent beam quality and low noise performance. This includes the 100mW 473nm and 200mW 488nm.

The LuxX, PhoxX, and LuXX+ lasers now work with Micro Manager, the open source microscopy software. Details can be found on the Micro Manager website. 
LuxX Laser

PhoxX Laser

LuxX+ Laser

LDM Series CW laser modules include models with narrow line width or wavelength stabilization.
LDM CW Laser Modules

LDM Series modulated lasers include modes with deep modulation depth, analog modulation to 350mHz and up to 500mHz digital modulation.
LDM Modulated Laser Modules

LDM Series high power multi-line lasers include models with powers up to 2.4 Watts and up to three wavelengths from one laser module.
LDM High Power Multiline Laser Modules

Accessories for PhoxX and LDM series lasers include fiber coupling, heat sinks, custom focusing optics and collimator objectives.
Accessories for Omicron Laser Diode Modules