Fiber Coupled Diode Lasers

nLight fiber coupled diode laser products offer industry leading reliability for applications such as fiber laser pumping, medical therapeutics and materials processing. The high power and high brightness of nLight diodes offer efficient fiber coupling in compact packages.

Wavelengths available include 639 nm, 808 nm, 880 nm, 915 nm, 940 nm, 976 nm, 1470 nm and 1550 nm.

Pearl Laser


nLIGHT's Pearl product series is continuing to evolve with higher power and brightness. Configurable P10, P14, P16 and P72 platforms can support wavelengths ranging from 808 nm to 980 nm with a maximum output power of up to 500W.

Pearl for Fiber Laser Applications

Pearl for DPSS Pumping Applications

Pearl for Materials Processing Applications

Element Laser


nLIGHT's element product line builds upon a foundation of high brightness single emitter diodes, fiber coupling and efficient packaging. nLIGHT has optimized the cost and performance in the element package that can produce up to 105W output from a single 105 um core fiber. 

element for Fiber Laser Applications

element for DPSS Pumping Applications

element for Medical OEM Applications