MSE colorimeter

Colorimeters and Photometers

The MSE Series colorimeter offers a unique combination of high speed and accurate color measurement capabilities packed in a robust jacket. The MSE colorimeter is available in 10mm spot size and MSE+ (with Wide Dynamic Range) 10mm and 20mm spot size. 

 The MSE Series are predominantly found inline in display production facilities, their customers or the adjacent R&D departments to handle white point adjustment, uniformity, flicker, reaction time and general color quality control.

The Brontes series is the original Admesy colorimeter. A true workhorse designed for colour measurements in all kind of production process environments. The Brontes is available in two different versions: 

- the regular Brontes: suited for LED measurement or transmission measurements in combination with our Steropes Ligthsource

- the Brontes LL-DMS: specifically suited for display measurements.

The Brontes series offers a stable measurement device which requires minimal calibration or maintenance making it suitable for a wide variety of industrial needs and environments.

The Arges 450 colorimeter is a combination of our high speed colorimeters such as the Brontes and MSE series and a stabilised light source similar to the Steropes. Thanks to its innovative design the controlled light beam hits the surface at a 45 degree angle and perpendiculary the colour is measured. This setup  allows for high speed and accurate colour measurement of surfaces and materials, easily detecting even minor colour variences..

The Vates is the multi-talented member of the Admesy product family. It offers reflective surface measurement similar to the Arges but due to it’s unique multi-angle layout not only colour but also gloss can be determined.

 The Vates consists of three stabilised light sources at various angles and four colour measurement sensors at various angles. This creates a high end, low maintenance highly flexible colour and gloss meter suited for industrial use in contact and non-contact set ups.

The Cylon colorimeter’s most outstanding feature is its innovative, stabilised lighting technology. Creating a perfectly lit and controlled measurement environment on even the hardest and uneven surfaces. Amongst others the Cylon is used in the hight speed production of carpets, textiles or quality control on leather.

 The Cylon’s lighting technology is developed from Admesy’s Steropes series stable lightsources and is designed in such way that no area remains unlit. Inside is a high speed and stable colorimeter giving the best measurements over and over.

The latest product in the Admesy product family is the Asteria, a high-speed measurement device suited for Luminance, Illuminance and Flicker measurements. Based on the popular Admesy MSE platform the Asteria is designed for inline use with integrated calculating power for easy implementation and high speed measurement results.

 Just as all our products the Asteria is build in a rugged and compact housing combining ease-of-use, high speed and stable measurements. The perfect tool for (inline) Luminance, Illuminance and Flicker measurements. Interested? Please contact us or your local distributor for more information.

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Vates-specification-v1.01 Color and gloss meter .pdf April 23, 2015 697.41 KB reflection measurement gloss meter dis colorimeter lightmeter Download
MSE-series-general-specification2 MSE light and colormeter .pdf April 23, 2015 1.30 MB reflection measurement gloss meter dis colorimeter lightmeter Download
Cylon-specification-v1.01 Colorimeter .pdf April 23, 2015 718.92 KB reflection measurement gloss meter dis colorimeter lightmeter Download
Brontes_specification LED measurement .pdf April 23, 2015 823.71 KB reflection measurement gloss meter dis colorimeter lightmeter Download
Arges45-specification-v1.01 45 degree colorimeter .pdf April 23, 2015 823.35 KB reflection measurement gloss meter dis colorimeter lightmeter Download

Temporal Analyzer Series

The Eldim Optiscope 200 is a temporal Analyzer that provides temporal and luminance measurements, including the ability to make MRPT measurements as well as Gamma curves and Flicker measurements with response times of less than 1us.