The Cronus is world’s first spectrocolorimeter combining a VIS spectrometer with a MSE/Brontes like colorimeter. This allows the user to choose between the high speed colour and light measurements of the colorimeter and the detailed spectrum information of the spectrometer.  The Cronus is well suited for lighting and display applications where this combination of speed and accuracy is needed. The Cronus is available in a lens and a fiber version. Just as other Admesy products it is developed with industrial use in mind combining measurement excellence with ease of use, minimal calibration needs, high speed with a compact and robust design. The Cronus offers high end laboratory results with a workforce attitude.

The Hera spectrometer series offers a highly accurate spectrometer with auto range function and excellent linearity in a robust and compact housing. Due to this combination the Hera can be used in a broad range of applications varying from R&D research to non-stop use in a production environment.  The Hera is available with a fixed of fiber optics setup, for this last version we also offer an interesting Fiber Optics package covering all you need to start your measurements. Due to its unique design the Hera is also ideal for OEM system integration.

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